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Radcliffe Masonic Hall now has a Defibrillator.

A very worthwhile training session was held on February 24th with respect to the new defibrillator and the resuscitation of a person who has suffered from a possible cardiac arrest. North West Ambulance Paramedic, Andy, first showed a video of how prompt action, prior to the arrival of paramedics, could save lives. He then explained the process and the major importance of applying CPR immediately and continue it until help arrives. He went into the operation of the defibrillator but pointed out that all instructions for use are actually given by the machine. Andy reassured all present then any action, even if not totally correctly done, is better than doing nothing. A leaflet was circulated as a guide to what to do in such an emergency. You can see a copy here.

The Bury District Annual Dinner was held here on Friday May 13th.

The speaker this year was WBro Andrew Ben Sykes, a past APGM who gave an excellent and enjoyable speech.

The District Charity Stewards Annual Draw and the 120 Club Annual Draw took place at the Dinner.


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